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About Freight LiftsFreight Lifts USA is a family owned business and have been designing and selling lifts for material handling equipment for both commercial and residential applications since 1998.  Our biggest assets are our associated partners, Autoquip Corp, Vasari, and American Lifts.

We’re also proud to announce that Freight lifts USA has the largest network of certified installers and distributors nationwide.  Combined we have over 10 engineers and 10 inside sales specialist on staff at your disposal.  There is no application that we cannot fulfill.

Our Team offers exceptional custom service, quality manufacturing, certified licensed engineers, continuity and stability.  By providing multiple leading products, we can find the best solution for your needs.  These include mezzanine lifts, custom lifts, vertical material lifts, scissor lifts, platform lifts, dock lifts, pallet lifts, vertical conveyor systems, car elevators and parking lifts.

Our comprehensive line of material handling equipment represents years of research and design, our commitment to providing the best and most affordable lifting solutions.